Fall Arrest (Lifeline System)

Horizontal Lifeline System

The All in One lifeline system by INNOTECH® was developed as a restraint system, fall arrest system and rescue system. This well conceived, high-tech concept is ideally suited for complex building and facade structures and can be optimally fastened to very different substructures.

The modular system components allow simple and error-free installation. The innovative design makes it possible to use the lifeline system from both sides, without inconvenient detaching or reconnecting.

Vertical Lifeline System

The VERT-SET-50 by INNOTECH is the top innovation in vertical lifeline systems. Once attached to the new slider, the user is able to ascent with even more freedom of movement – he slides unimpeded and free over the traversable system.

The system is particularly flexible and precludes any incorrect application. The heart of the system, the new slide, boasts an innovative safety function.

Taurus Rail Lifeline System

A certified and tested Fall-Arrest & Restraint System for the purpose of carrying out periodic maintenance and cleaning of the roof fixtures.

This rigid track/rail system is to be permanently installed. The track span serves as an attachment point for energy absorbing lanyards & full body harness to provide safe horizontal movement to and from a work area.